The Gobbler Theater strives to promote responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages. Our alcohol policies are listed below:

  • Any person purchasing alcohol must have a valid I.D. present and must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Alcohol cannot be brought into or out of The Gobbler Theater.
  • The sale of alcohol will stop approximately 20-30 minutes prior to encore for concerts. Any changes to alcohol cutoff time may be made, without notice and at the discretion of The Gobbler Theater.
  • The Gobbler Theater reserves the right to refuse the sale of alcohol at its discretion.



Will Call ticket(s) may be picked up on the day of the event once the doors open by presenting your photo ID and the credit card used to purchase. We will not release will call tickets to any other party than the purchaser. Some events allow us to transfer tickets to another individual. See specific event for details.



Should you opt to purchase tickets from a source other than an authorized Gobble
Theater point of purchase, beware!

  • The Gobbler Theater is not responsible for tickets purchased through unauthorized third parties, such as ticket brokers, scalpers or online outlets.
  • Tickets purchased from third parties may not be valid and do not guarantee admission into an event.
  • The Gobbler Theater will not replace any third party tickets that are lost or stolen.
  • Tickets purchased from third parties are usually priced much higher than the ticket’s face value so you will pay more than the price charged by The Gobbler Theater for the same ticket.
  • The Gobbler Theater cannot replace such tickets if lost or stolen and cannot contact you with information regarding time changes, show cancellations, or other pertinent information.
  • You (the patron) will be responsible in contacting the third party if there happens to be an error with your tickets.
  • The Gobbler Theater cannot refund third party tickets.
    Tickets are good only for the event for which they are purchased and only for the seat for which they are issued. Tickets are not transferable. Tickets are limited revocable licenses which may be revoked at the sole discretion of The Gobbler Theater.


Without our prior permission, resale of tickets to The Gobbler Theater above face value,
is prohibited. Any such attempted resale is grounds for cancellation without
compensation and will void the ticket (whether this occurs before or after the ticket has
been printed).



Unless otherwise specified by the artist and/or event officials & management, guests may not bring professional photographic equipment into The Gobbler Theater. Guests are prohibited from engaging in commercial photography of any kind without the prior approval of The Gobbler Theater Management.

Prohibited camera equipment:

  • Flash photography
  • Monopods or tripods
  • Cameras with interchangeable lenses
  • Cameras with lenses greater than 3 ½ inches in length


Artist and/or event officials & management may have additional rules further restricting or prohibiting photography for specific events.



While some artists may cancel or reschedule a performance, the Gobbler Theater will immediately send an email to all ticket holders. If there is a cancellation, all tickets purchased will be refunded. If a show has been reschedule all guests will receive the rescheduled date. If they are not able to make the performance the email will state a cutoff date and time to notify the box office for a refund. If the show is rescheduled and you are able to attend the new date you do not need to do anything as your original tickets will be valid for the rescheduled date and time.



For all events, children are required to have their own ticket. This includes if they are sitting on the lap of a ticketed adult.

Ticketing requirements for special events may vary. Please contact the Ticket Office at (920) 699-0003 for more information.



The Gobbler Theater personnel are committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable entertainment experience. The artists fans and guests have a right to expect an environment where:

  • Artists respect and appreciate each and every fan.
  • Guests will enjoy the concert experience free from disruptive behavior, including foul or abusive language and obscene gestures.
  • Guests will consume alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner. Intervention with an impaired, intoxicated or underage guest will be handled in a prompt and safe manner.
  • Guests will sit only in their ticketed seats and show their tickets when requested.
  • Guests who engage in fighting will be immediately ejected from The Gobbler Theater.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside The Gobbler Theater.
  • Guests will comply with requests from The Gobbler Theater staff regarding venue operations and emergency response procedures.


The Gobbler Theater staff have been trained to intervene when necessary to help ensure that the above expectations are met, and guests are encouraged to report any inappropriate behavior to the nearest usher, security, or guest services staff member. Guests who choose not to adhere to this Code of Conduct will be subject to ejection, without refund, and revocation of their season tickets. They may also be in violation of local ordinances resulting in possible arrest and prosecution.

The Gobbler Theater personnel thank you for adhering to the provision of the Code of Conduct.



All tickets will be electronically scanned to verify authenticity. Tickets which have been scanned upon entry cannot be reused by another Guest. Guests assume all risks for tickets purchased through sources other than the Ticket Office or officially licensed secondary market sources. The Gobbler Theater staff are trained to identify screenshots, which are not permitted for access to
any location.



Guests who are visibly intoxicated or display obvious signs of intoxication may not admitted into the venue. If you observe or encounter a visibly intoxicated guest or a guest displaying obvious signs of intoxication at the venue, please contact an employee and/or a uniformed officer. Visibly and obviously intoxicated guests are subject to ejection from the event.



Prohibited items may differ depending on the specific event day restriction. The Gobbler Theater is unable to store any prohibited items and guests will be asked to return such items to their vehicles. The following the items are always restricted from entering the venue:

  • Weapons of any type (firearm/ammo, knives of all sizes, bats, clubs, and scissors)
  • No open or concealed weapons/firearms, except in your locked motor vehicle
  • Explosives / fireworks
  • Self-Defense Sprays (OC, Pepper Spray and Mace)
  • Aerosol cans
  • Brooms/broomsticks, selfie sticks, poles, and tripods
  • Laser pointers
  • iPads, tablets, and laptops
  • Backpacks, oversized bags, suitcases, and hard-sided bags of any kind
  • Food or drink of any kind (exception: medical, with previous approval by The Gobbler Theater)
  • Cans & glass containers
  • Masks of any kind (without authorization of The Gobbler Theater)
  • Noise makers (whistles, horns)
  • Projectiles such as beach balls, frisbees, etc.
  • Beverages (in any type container i.e. glass or can)
  • Professional cameras (cameras with a detachable lens or lens that extends further than 3 inches), audio & video recording equipment, tablets and selfie sticks are not allowed. Standard point-and-shoot “pocket” cameras may or may not be prohibited depending upon event restrictions.
  • Large umbrellas over 12 inches in length; golf umbrellas; umbrellas with pointed tips; multicolored umbrellas
  • Metal chains of any kind, including wallet chains


*This list is not exhaustive. Items not appearing on this list may still be prohibited at the discretion of The Gobbler Theater Security if the items pose a potential threat to the safety of our guests.



Individuals who leave The Gobbler Theater during an event will not be admitted back unless they receive a hand stamp. Exceptions to this policy may be made in certain, reasonable circumstances at the discretion of The Gobbler Theater management.



All tickets purchased for The Gobbler Theater are non-refundable.

If your event is canceled, and you bought your tickets online or via the phone, you will be refunded automatically. If you bought your tickets through secondary market, you will need to return to your original point of purchase to obtain a refund.



Tickets for The Gobbler Theater may be purchased at the following authorized points of purchase:

By Phone:

Call The Gobbler Theater at 920-699-0003
Hours are Monday – Friday, 5am – 3:30pm CST


Visit the The Gobbler Theater website.



Selling of tickets on The Gobbler Theater property is strictly prohibited and violators will be


What hotel is recommended to stay at?

The Gobbler Theater recommends staying at the Comfort Suites; conveniently located 1.5 miles from the venue. 

725 Paradise Lane
Johnson Creek, WI 53038
Phone: (920) 699-2800



Have a question not listed? Contact us!

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